Thursday, 28 May 2020

Why is Arabic Language Important?

The Arabic language goes way back to 6th Century, when Islam was introduced and the holy book Qur’an was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Since then, Arabic language has become a symbol of identity for Muslims of the Middle East.

According to Archeologists, back in the days, Arabic was largely considered as the language of wealthy people in the Middle East, which gave birth to rich stories such as Arabian Nights, Ali Baba and Aladin – now coming to theaters. This language is not only confined to storytellings but its contribution also spreads in the fields of Mathematics, astrology and Navigation with a few accomplishments in architecture as well.

Today, Arabic Language is widely spoken and understood in more than 25 plus countries along with being one of the significant languages in the UN’s 6 official languages which includes, English, Russian, Chinese, French, Spanish and Arabic.

From Bahrain to Kuwait, Egypt to Lebanon, from Morocco all the way to significant countries such as Oman and Qatar as well, Arabic has been spoken with a small difference of dialects which are: the classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. If truth be told, the differences between these dialects are so minor that you might not even notice them.

A traveller must learn Arabic in order to communicate with localities of the area for the ease of themselves. On the other hand, passing out the  IELTS Abu Dhabi with a good score is also an asset for those students who wish to pursue their studies in the Middle East.

Arabic is a treasure of Middle East and a symbol of identity for Muslims. A language which goes way back to when Islam came to Middle East and Qur’an adapted it to become the language which will forever be protected by the creator Himself. So, Arabic is definitely one of the most prestigious languages in the world, spoken by many even out of its region. People are spreading its message of peace and prosperity making sure that its identity is protected well.

Arabic is undoubtedly a sacred gift from divine and an important part of customs of Islam. Every single muslim out there in the world must put in the efforts to learn Arabic in order to carry out tasks given to them by the Almighty and taught by the Prophet himself.