Terms & Conditions

This agreement determines the conditions and requirements on both (Property Agent) and the user relating to the services provided by (Property Agent) to the user through the website where these conditions and requirements are as below:

  • The Service provided by Propertyagent.ae shall begin on the date of the subscription of the Member in the Website.

  • Propertyagent.ae shall not be considered liable towards inaccurate data, information and images submitted to the Website unless such data, information and images were related to aqar-estate.com.

  • There is not any engagement or Connection between Propertyagent.ae and any of the real states mentioned in the Website or any connection with the owners of such real states, further Propertyagent.ae does not have any engagements or connections with any commercial operation (Sale, Lease, Purchasing ...etc) done through the Website.

  • In case the Member used the website for any acts of vandalism and/or generated damage and/or plagiarized any company s name and/or used the website for any amoral purpose and/or used the website in a way breaches the law and/or customs, Propertyagent.ae has the sole right to terminate the Member account without any prior notice, and without incurring any liability to the Member, further Propertyagent.ae reserves its right not to pay back any previous amounts paid by the Member due its participation in the Website.

  • The Member shall manage its account, where the Member solely and on his sole expense will add or remove or cancel or amend its account on the website, further Propertyagent.ae as it deems relevant reserves its right to check and/or view any account for any Member, further aqar-estate.com has the sole right to delete and/or block any inappropriate information and/or announcement from any Member account.

  • The Member shall provide Propertyagent.ae with its real personal identity papers, and all manners of communication between them. Further such papers and details shall remain confidential excluding the information announced in the Website, where Propertyagent.ae will not produce any of the aforementioned information unless if it was required by applicable law, legal process or any other governmental entity.

  • The Member shall pay the Participation Fee within,…………………. (In case the Member participation was within the premium services package).

  • The Member is required to keep all its secret information about its account on the Website, as the Password and/or username and/or any other information related to the Website, further aqar-estate.com shall not bear any liability due to leakiness of any information to any third party.

  • Propertyagent.ae has the sole right to terminate and/or to deactivate any account of any member, in case any of the provided information were incorrect and/or forged.

  • The official manner of communication between Propertyagent.ae and the Member shall be the E-mail registered in Propertyagent.ae, therefore any letters and/or notices and/or notifications and/or any financial demands between the Parties shall be by the registered E-mail in Propertyagent.ae, the member must inform Propertyagent.ae within …… of any changes to the Registered E-mail in Propertyagent.ae, otherwise, the addresses below shall be the designated addresses for purposes of notifications, the Member shall be responsible in case it did not receive any E-mail from Propertyagent.ae due to technical or security defect from the E-mail services provider company, where all the information and usernames and passwords will be sent to the Registered E-Mail in Propertyagent.ae.

  • The Member acknowledges that it is over 18.

  • Propertyagent.ae reserves its right to renew and amend the conditions of the Services, and from time to time to change its Policy, without any prior notification or warning, where the Member shall be responsible to check any renewal, amendment made, such shall not mean a detraction any of the Services provided to the Member.

  • This Agreement has been set to meet the benefit of both Parties, and to clarify each party’s obligations, where this Agreement shall be effective on the date of the Participation in the Website by the Member, both Parties shall be obliged to abide all the obligations set in this Agreement.

  • Any violation made by the Member towards this Agreement, its account shall be deactivated without any prior notice and without having the right to get any of the amounts paid to Propertyagent.ae further the member will be liable to prosecution in case it violated Propertyagent.ae security or generated damage to such.

  • By clicking the (REGISTER) button shown below the registration form, and to endow the Member an account in Propertyagent.ae and the Member used such account in any manner, such actions shall be considered an acceptance and an approval to all the Conditions mentioned above.

Last modified on 03 Feb 2016